Gillcup is a 2D animation library.

It is intended for both scripted and interactive animations: in the former, the entire animation is known ahead of time, and rendered as fast as possible; the latter is gnerally tied to a system clock, and can be influenced by user input.

The Gillcup core is only concerned with animations; it’s not tied to any particular graphics library. The gillcup_graphics package includes a more accessible demo and a tutorial.

Version warning

This is version 0.2. The API will change significantly in version 0.3. Please make sure you specify gillcup < 0.3 in your setup/requirements file.

The Project

Gillcup is a MIT-licensed, Github-hosted project striving to uphold best practices of the Python craft, from PEP8 to semantic versioning. Please report any bugs, style issues and suggestions on the bug tracker!

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